VIDEO: 'The Weight,' The New Limb

OK, so you're not sick of us writing about kooky Costa Mesa quartet the New Limb? No? OK, cool! Enjoy this fun video, featuring their cover of the Band's "The Weight." It's one of their live show staples, but here you can enjoy it over and over again, watching them in this serene living room setting (except for drummer Adam Chavez, who got exiled to the lawn. Sorry, buddy). It also helps associate "The Weight" with a modern reference that isn't those Saturday Night Live sketchedsfs with dudes sitting around saying weird things, as seen (but not really, since the video doesn't work any longer) in this link here. Also, check out this thought-provoking article on the true meanings of the song's lyrics, and an exploration of the Fanny/Annie confusion. ("Fanny"? Really?)


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