Video: The Relative Strangers--Meet the Band!

Video: The Relative Strangers--Meet the Band!

In case you haven't already taken a gander at Danielle Bacher's Locals Only piece featuring the Relative Strangers, be sure to do that. Their tales of unusual pre-show rituals--slapping each other and doing the Running Man on stage--will make it worth your while. 

In the past year or so, the hard-charging psych-rock five-piece have made their presence felt in these parts. But for those who still have burning questions about the band and desire to hear more funny band stories and deep personal secrets, we gladly point you to this promo video.

Created by Christopher James, this little clip will give you extra info on the band so by the time you get the courage to talk to them in person, you'll pretty much know their whole life story. Sounds a little creepy when we put it that way, but whatever.

 Make sure to check out the band tonight when they play the MS Benefit Show at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. You can also catch them during the April Residency at Detroit Bar.

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