Video: The Lyrics Game, 'Untitled'

When Long Beach/Cypress band the Lyrics Game were profiled in OC Weekly's Locals Only section last month, one observation in the article was the lack of focus on their cellist, Chris McCarthy, on their five-song EP Home Edition. It was speculated there that things would probably be different in a live context, and this video seems to back up that theory, with the cello (quite literally) front and center for a performance of their newest (as yet untitled) song, at a gig this past Friday at Clancy's in Long Beach.

Unfortunately, the only chances at this point to watch the Lyrics Game and their blistering cello action in a live context are a couple of relatively far-flung gigs at the District shopping center in Tustin; on October 31 ("Halloween Blowout"!) and November 13, which happens to be a Friday the 13th. Not quite sure why the Lyrics Game are booking shows on such auspicious dates (or who exactly wants to be at the District, as wonderful of a shopping experience as it may be, on a Halloween that happens to fall on a Saturday--trick or treating at the TJ Maxx home store?), but keep those dates in mind regardless.

And it does look like the District is trying to get people (well, families with young kids) to their shops on H-ween, offering free candy and trick or treat bags to the "first 500 guests" on October 31 from 3 to 6 p.m. So much more wholesome than so many All Hallow's Eve activities; even the rock and roll bands include classical instruments.


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