Video: Moonsville Collective's Back Alley Jam Session in SanTana

Video: Moonsville Collective's Back Alley Jam Session in SanTana

The members of Moonsville Collective are never ones to shy away from making a public spectacle of their music. And by that we mean, they'll set up and jam just about anywhere they can for as long as they can without getting arrested. As the headliners of this week's Plugged Into Local--happening Wednesday (Nov. 28) at 2J's Lounge in Fullerton, they figured it would be okay to let us catch their yee-hawing, guitar-sliding, post WWII Americana sound in their natural element.

In a back alley in downtown SanTana, we caught up with them to watch a special acoustic jam session and bug them with a few questions so you might get to know them a little better. Anyone who has had the pleasure of knocking back a tall can at one of their high-energy hootenannies in Costa Mesa or at recent good time gigs at the Observatory know what kind of boot-stomping revelry you're in for on Wednesday when the band takes the stage at 2J's along with Angel and the Badman and Vinnie and the Hooligans for a free show starting at 9 p.m. Check out the video after the jump and see you Wednesday at the show!

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Meet Moonsville Collective

For more details on this month's Plugged Into Local Performance featuring Moonsville Collective, click here.

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