Video: Kyle and Natalie, 'All In Your Head'

Chances are, either you're going to be charmed by Kyle and Natalie's upbeat melodies and sugary girl/boy vocals, or sickened by them. Really, there's not much room for middle-ground. Count us in the former category, though, and excited to share this video of their song "All In Your Head." Sure, there's not much too it--just stringed together live performances of the song (including their recent gig at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa) and shots of them hanging out and goofing off, but it's some solid and refreshingly earnest bubblegum pop for those looking for such a thing. (And why wouldn't you be?)

Kyle and Natalie co-wrote the song with Marc Roberge, vocalist and guitarist for "perfect band to hackeysack in the quad to," O.A.R. Their brushes with fame continue: according to their Twitter, they recently met with "Disney Publishing," which seems like a pretty natural fit given their tunes. They've got no more local shows scheduled right now, but that could very well change soon.


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