Video: Enfamus Music Video, 'Stoner Face'

Unless you're "Weird Al" Yankovic, it's tough to pull off a quality parody--even when you're working with a song as popular as Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". Sure, plenty of bands and MCs pay homage to this pulsating club track through samples and covers, but local hip-hop trio Enfamus venutre to take it a step further. Or should we say, higher. 

They've been rocking their song "Stoner Face" for plenty of live audiences lately, including a recent performance at House of Blues in Anaheim. And the video definitely does the song justice. Brandishing pipes and bongs galore, this group of red-eyed MCs take turns exhaling some dope rhymes and potent pot humor. Check them out this week as they head over to Slidebar in Fullerton on Sat., Feb. 6. Judging by this video, they probably won't be needing a fog machine for their performance. Looks like they're pretty good at making their own.


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