Video: Christopher Owens and Chet 'JR' White of Girls Pick Out Records at Amoeba Music

This week, Orange County fans of the psychedelic, dream pop duo Girls got two chances to delve into their kaleidoscopic world of sound.

Aside from being

featured in the
OC Weekly's music section

, fans also got to watch founding members Christopher Owens and Chet "JR" White

sweat on stage with a full band at Detroit Bar on Monday.

But today's video proves that the most intimate connection you can have with a musician (excluding x-rated groupee love) is when you check out his/her record collection. Owens and White were recently tracked down at 

Amoeba Music

 in Hollywood. As part of the store's web segment "Whats In My Bag?" The band was asked to pull out the records they'd hoarded on their way to the checkout line. So what did these guys buy? Think you can guess? Was Dwight Yoakam one of your picks?


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