Viddy This: The Growlers In-Store Performance at Fingerprints

For all the memorable music shuffling in and out of Orange County, rarely do we get a chance to re-experience a live show of our favorite bands with anything other that grainy, poorly- recorded YouTube footage. It's for that very reason that you can appreciate the existance of Ezekiel Sound Movement, a Costa Mesa collective dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of live music videos that finally do our local bands some justice. 
Case in point: Yesterday ESM released live concert footage of The Growlers' in-store performance at Fingerprints Record store in Long Beach from Nov. 18 (where they opened for Sea Wolf). Watch as the band performs "Acid Rain" and "Old Cold River" amongst the cramped CD shelves and crowded isles. Even though the audience seems less that stoked to be there, we're gonna have to assume that they all just got really stoned before the show.

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