Viddy This: New LMNO video, 'Faith is Fact'

You won't find too many MCs doing videos for the interlude tracks on their album. But perhaps even a sliver of raw, lyrical lushness over laid back beats is too good for rapper LMNO to let it go to waste. Recently, the rapper (who you've read about in our Local's Only column...right?) released a video for "Faith is Fact" a relatively hidden jam on his new album Devilish Dandruff with Holy Shampoo (out on Up Above Records). Apparently this 1:30 track is a major favorite for this Long Beach rhyme slanger. And for good reason.

As the interlude that plays directly after his song "Never Stop" exhibits the classic tough twisting dynamics of LMNO's introspective style. Afraid that some people might skip over it on accident when listening to the album (come on, you know you iPod shufflers out there are guilty of this), he opted to highlight "Faith is Fact" in the best way he knew how....spitting flows surrounded by the beauty of nature. Press play to see what we're talking about.


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