Victim of Fight at Observatory Show Says "Poke" Wound Venue Said He Suffered was a Stabbing

Cesar Rovira, the concert-goer who suffered a puncture wound and three lacerations as a result of a fight at the Observatory in Santa Ana earlier this week, contacted the Weekly to give his side of the story.

"When we got to the venue, there was only one guy in a security shirt," Rovira, a Garden Grove resident, says of a man stationed at the entrance. Joe Linares, a fan of Lost Acapulco and friend of Rovira, also said that there was no pat down, metal detector, and that his girlfriend's personals were not checked.

Once inside and near the end of Lost Acapulco's set, chingasos in the mosh pit broke out between the accused stabber and Rovira. Others jumped in the fistacuffs. "There was no security on hand that broke up the fight," Rovira says, crediting his friends in that regard. He then walked himself out of the venue as they decided to leave. That's when one of his friends noticed that his shirt was ripped and bloodied.

The alleged assailant and his friends also made their way to the parking lot according to Rovira and his friend. Insults were traded and another fight almost brewed. Another of the victim's friends was taking pictures of the black Honda sedan in question and relayed to him that he saw the accused stabber holding what looked like a metal object in his hand, possibly a small pocket knife or a nail clipper knife--or maybe a mystery earring?

As previously reported, Santa Ana Police did not specify what the weapon was that caused the sustained wounds. Jon Reiser of the Observatory said said that a five-inch spiked earring was used to "poke" Rovira in the stomach once. Linares noted that the the man was indeed missing an earring, but in the midst of the fight couldn't say what was used to inflict the wounds.

Rovira takes issue with Reiser's characterization. "I was not poked," he says. "The police and medical reports said I was stabbed."

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