Updating!! TMZ Reports Michael Jackson Dead at 50

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson is dead at 50. CNN is still only reporting it as "Michael Jackson rushed to hospital."

As was widely reported about an hour ago, the much-maligned pop icon was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital earlier today after suffering cardiac arrest. First Farrah Fawcett, now MJ. Shit's getting nuts.

It seems a lot of people are skeptical because TMZ is, at this point, the only outlet reporting the death, but our guess it that TMZ is simply much more willing to pull the trigger on going forward with this type of news than more "traditional" news sources. But it is, y'know, TMZ, whose other top stories of the day include "Nas -- Kelis Should Put a Cork in It," so proceed with caution.

Check out what our colleagues at LA Weekly are saying about all this here.

UPDATE: TMZ is now saying Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived at his Holmby Hills home. That sounds pretty dead.

UPDATE TWO: At 3:05 p.m., CNN has changed pictures on their front page, but still reporting it simply as "Report: Michael Jackson suffers cardiac arrest." It's like he's Schrödinger's cat or something.



reporting "Michael Jackson is in a coma"

as of 2:46 p.m.

UPDATE FOUR: Well, how about that. At 3:20 p.m., the Times is now reporting "Michael Jackson is pronounced dead" according to "city and law enforcement sources." CNN still has not declared the King of Pop dead, though they changed pictures YET AGAIN.

UPDATE FIVE: CNN has now downgraded Jackson to coma status. "Sources: Jackson in coma after cardiac arrest." WAIT! They finally have admitted that he's dead: "Pop singer Michael Jackson has died, according to multiple reports," says the banner on top of their page.

UPDATE SIX: The wieners at CNN are apparently at the "acceptance" stage of the Kübler-Ross model, now going full-tilt with a big "Reports: Michael Jackson has died" headline. Oh, and they changed pictures again, to what one imagines is the most flattering one they could find (not an enviable task, surely).


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