UPDATED WITH NEW INFO, SEE BOTTOM OF POST: (Maybe) Cancelled: Punk in the Fox At Fox Pomona On July 3

UPDATED WITH NEW INFO, SEE BOTTOM OF POST: (Maybe) Cancelled: Punk in the Fox At Fox Pomona On July 3

For the last few days, tortured ticket holders for the massive 

Punk in the Fox

 concert at Fox Pomona on July 3 have been waiting to see if the show would get the axe or go on as scheduled.

According to the venue website, the concert--featuring punk legends the Adicts, the Dickies, Agent Orange and many more--has been definitively cancelled. Or has it?

Originally announced last March, the Punk in the Fox line-up was a proverbial smörgåsbord of circle pit pleasure, filled with 11 well-respected bands from past and present. Recently there was internet talk of the show being moved to Redlands, denied by show organizers. Yesterday, a MySpace page set up for the concert announced that event organizers were still in talks with the Fox about whether or not the show would be cancelled. According to them, things were looking up. However, today, the Fox website posts that the show is officially cancelled. Obviously, it's got to be shitty news for Pomona punk fans. But at least it's a definitive answer, right?

Well, judging by the concert's event page for the Brown Paper Tickets website hosting online sales for the show, you can still buy tickets for the event online. And all of the headlining bands still have the show on their online calendars. Um, confusing much? Though we've been unable so far to get a hold of anyone from the Fox to confirm the shows cancellation, it seems doubtful that the show will actually happen. While we wait to hear back on this (if you know anything, e-mail us), hopefully Pomona punks can turn their frowns upside down by going to see the Adicts at the  Key Club in LA tonight. Our fingers are crossed for you.

In the meantime, check out a little old-school footage from one of the last '70s punk bands on Earth that can claim to sport their original line-up.

Update: We just called the Glass House Record Store, and they confirmed that yes, the show is back on at Fox Theater Pomona!


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