Aerosmith concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on July 29, 2010
Aerosmith concert at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on July 29, 2010
Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

[UPDATED: Steven Tyler Confirms Album] Long-Awaited Aerosmith Album in 2011?

UPDATE, 2:05 P.M., Jan. 17: Steven Tyler reiterates that, even though he is a judge on American Idol, he will record an album with Aerosmith soon. He informed the public that he will head back in the studio to begin work on the band's 15th studio album later this month. Even though Tyler is on board, we have yet to hear if the other bandmates will show up. We can only hope.

ORIGINAL ITEM, 8:48 A.M., Jan. 11: It's been almost seven years since Aerosmith put out an album, 2004's not half bad but atrociously titled Honkin' On Bobo. Now, Steven Tyler is preparing to be a judge on American Idol while the rest of the band is itching to move forward with touring and recording. Lead guitarist Joe Perry has been critical of Tyler's decision to join the TV program, which is rapidly losing viewers and turning over judges like Spinal Tap drummers.
Why on Earth would the front man of one of America's most successful bands choose to judge milquetoast mainstream singers covering other people's songs rather than make new rock & roll? Tyler told Rolling Stone that he would like to work with the band very soon, but the others want to get started ASAP. 

At one point, they even were looking to replace Tyler while he was in rehab for addiction to painkillers. It was rumored they spoke to Lenny Kravitz about taking Tyler's place, but he politely declined, thankfully. Aerosmith have had some temporary lineup changes in the past, but the core group of five remains some 40 years later. Longtime fans deserve to see them in their full classic-rock glory once again.

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