[UPDATED: Poll May Be Fake] OC Poll Names Britney Spears the 'Greatest Gay Icon of All Time'

UPDATE, FEB. 21, 2:39 P.M.: We've been alerted that this could all be a hoax. South Florida Gay News (SFGN) reports that the poll--shared last week by The Washington Post, Toronto Sun, celebrity news sites and (yup) us--is fake, a made-up story by Examiner.com. SFGN writes that they "discovered no proof that there is an Orange County Equality Project located in Southern California." (So Britney isn't really the greatest gay icon? Gasp!) Though a shoddily made website called the Orange County Equality Project, which has archives that date back to, um, February 2011, claims the organization and the poll are very real, we're contacting the mentioned sources.

ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 16, 2:53 P.M.: Sorry, Liza, Cyndi, Elton, Madge, Bea, NPH, Ellen, Gaga and Janet.

The Greatest Gay Icon of All Time, according to a poll by the Orange County Equality Project, is Britney Spears.

Brit-Brit out-gayed others in the running, such as Cher and President Barack Obama, snagging 31 percent of the vote. 

Madonna came in second with 25 percent, though the Equality Project's Joel Waddell believes she should have taken the title.

"When Madonna puts out a new album, she will be on top again. Madonna is the greatest icon the gay community has ever had," Waddell told Examiner.com.  

Lady Gaga came in third with 22 percent of the vote.


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