[UPDATE: Monster MG Issues Apology] Poreotics Dance Routine Allegedly Copied by Crew on 'Korea's Got Talent'

[UPDATE: Monster MG Issues Apology] Poreotics Dance Routine Allegedly Copied by Crew on 'Korea's Got Talent'

UPDATE, JUNE 22, 6:30 P.M.: Cho, choreographer of Monster MG, has issued an apology to Matt "Dumbo" Ngyuen, crew leader of Poreotics. See end of post to read the statement in its entirety.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 16, 2011, 8:35 A.M.: A few days ago, the internet started buzzing that Poreotics--the season five champs of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV with Westminster roots--had an original routine lifted by Monster MG, a Korean crew appearing on Korea's Got Talent.

Watching the clip, yeah, it's hard to deny the serious similarities, but are there any hard feelings? Poreotics member Justin "Jet Li" Valles says the group is more flattered than anything else:  "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery--and we're pretty flattered."

"We didn't expect any of our stuff to reach Korea," Valles continues. "Korea does their own thing, so it's kind of surprising they took stuff from an American crew. For us, it feels like, hey, they copied us, so maybe we can go do shows there."

Valles says Poreotics first heard about the alleged copying via fans on Facebook and Twitter.

According to AllKPop.com, the official Twitter account for Korea's Got Talent has issued an official response: 

We have taken action ^^ The producers are very upset with the situation right now. They've already made it to the semi-finals so we will discuss the policies with the producers and tvN before we make any further announcements."

Since winning America's Best Dance Crew, Poreotics has been traveling around the world performing, going as far as the Philippines, Australia, London, Russia and South Africa. The crew, which is now both OC- and LA-based, also recently opened for Justin Bieber in the Philippines.

Poreotics also were featured as the awesome dancing monkeys in the video for Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song." See?:

In the meantime, Poreotics continues to be true gents about the whole situation.

"I guess you could say if someone is going to copy you, you're going to be a little angry," admits Valles. "But you put it in perspective, and it's like, dang, our stuff is in Korea. Shoot. . . Korea."

UPDATE, JUNE 22, 6:30 P.M.:

June 13조원규
i'm the choreogragher of Monster MG

Monster MG which create a new performance every year in the high school team

we like your style and movement so we just want to follow u guys and want to be

also I was impressed your performance

However, our acting was too much

I didn't know before what happened

as soon as I realized for what i did

I was wrong
we are apologized for little copy in your choreo
we are ashamed on ourselves
we're not gonna do ever again
we promise u
If I have a chance for meeting u I wanna talk to you on face to face
I wish I can
once again I'm so sorry for what i did
I hope u guys forgive me if u can

Stay healthy and look forward to many activities

From. Cho


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