[UPDATE: How Hackers Did It] Kreayshawn's Leaked Nude Photos: Top 10 Comments

[UPDATE: How Hackers Did It] Kreayshawn's Leaked Nude Photos: Top 10 Comments

UPDATE, Aug. 31, 12:15 p.m.: According to this Gawker story, Kreayshawn's hackers claim that she was definitely not a minor in those photos. They were taken when she was 20 and she sent them to Lil B. In addition, they don't really care much for Kreayshawn:

In a chat today, two Hollywood Leaks members named IAMDGKZ1 and dapper weren't clear as to why they targeted Kreayshawn. They certainly aren't fans of her music.

"The beat... is good, but her voice induces nausea," said IAMDGKZ1, a self-identified "hip hop nerd". Dapper is not a rap fan and got racist about it.

"Rap is for n*ggers," he said. "The cia made it so theyd kill each other." IAMDGKZ1 laughed him off.

Original post: Aug. 29, 9:51 a.m.: After Kreayshawn lost to Tyler, the Creator at the  VMAs last night, a few things happened. (Which could all be the result of One Big Room Full of Bad Hackers.) First, her Twitter account got hacked, hence a link to an anti-Semitic rant by Anonymous (Kreayshawn is of Jewish ancestry). Two, her phone got hacked, so Soulja Boy's phone number (as well as V-Nasty's and Mac Maine) are now online. Three, Kreayshawn's naked pics have leaked.
[UPDATE: How Hackers Did It] Kreayshawn's Leaked Nude Photos: Top 10 Comments

(Editor's note: And, hey, since then, Kreayshawn has claimed she was a minor in said photos--so you won't find any of those here. . .)

So while they're not all that exciting (check out the rest here), the comments are pretty funny. Our faves:

10. "Them basic bitches wear clothes, she doesn't even bother." -Hailey Marie Gibson

9. "Her n00dz are better than her music, but that's not saying much."-Simon Fitzpatrick

8. "I guess you have to do SOMETHING to get yourself recognized after you lose Best New Artist." -Betty Donaldson

7. "While others may disagree, I find this very hard to masturbate to."- Jimmylovestoeat Weiss

6. "She looks like Casey Anthony a little...." -Kyle Andrew McCormack

5. "I don't see swag pumping out of any ovaries."-Andrea Foley 

4.  Reaction Picture-Cole Gretkierewicz

3. "She could've been way more creative..and lost the panties. What is this, middle school?"-Kharissa Murphy

2. "gucci gucci, booty booty, I see a banana."-Dominique Raymond

1. "No shots of the coochie coochie?" -Nick Crist

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