[UPDATE: Absurdo-Terrorists Now Selling The Shirt For a Limited Time] Disney Anarchists Dump Crass-Themed Mickey Shirts in Boutiques

[UPDATE: Absurdo-Terrorists Now Selling The Shirt For a Limited Time] Disney Anarchists Dump Crass-Themed Mickey Shirts in Boutiques

UPDATED: Feb. 2, 9:32 p.m.: That shirt is now available for a month to the general public.
According to the Cubopop site (which touted itself as the "home of 21st Century Absurdism, Surrealism & PostCuboFuturism. An ode to new imaginations & a burial ground for modern popular culture"):

Due to an overwhelming demand, the illegal CRASS/MICKEY t-shirt will now be available for a limited time (30 days to be exact) and will be removed from our store on March 9, 2012. 

Please be aware that the money from your purchase will go towards proliferating the cause of Absurdo-Terrorism. You will be directly funding future antics such as this one, so thank you very much in advance. 

Lastly, we are aware that we're exploiting one of punk rock's first and last bastions of integrity. So with that, we'd would like to extend our hand to CRASS (Steve Ignorant/Penny Rimbaud): You are entitled to half of the proceeds from the profits of these sales. If you would like them, or would like to have them donated to a charity/cause of your choice, please contact us through the link above.

This offer extends to Bob Iger (Disney) as well... or whoever contacts us first. 


Original post: Feb 2, 2012, 3:15 p.m.: That Joy Division/Mickey Mouse debacle just won't die.

Someone's been reproducing the (punk band) Crass-themed Mickey T-shirt that was posted on Dave Noise's site (designed by Aron Sizle) and have been leaving them like easter eggs at various Disney stores. (See the photo that Dangerous Minds snapped above.)

Whoever had the time and money to sneak these shirts into the house of the mouse kind of has it backwards (why would you give Disney anything?!?). But no one's owning up to the deed--yet. As Dave Noise says, "Maybe the guys are making amends for hopping that low section of the fence by the Jungle Cruise for free Disneyland entry in the '80s."

Brilliant. Just brilliant.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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Me? I wish I'd been lucky enough to find the shirt. (For the ones who get the joke, it's better than free passes into Disneyland!)

Check out Dave Noise's site, Mickey Mouse Meets Ian Curtis, which has way more designs now.

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