U Shoulda Seen Him On Billboard!

Abstract Workshop's flagship rapper Jud Nester debuts magic track "U Shoulda Seen Her On Myspace" at #4 (!) on this week's Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Singles Sales chart way above other new singles by Young Jeezy (#17) and Eminem/50 Cent/Lloyd Banks/Cashis (#26) and Fat Joe (#36)! Plus Jud comes in at #15 on Hot 100 Singles between the Arctic Monkeys and Diddy and at #84 on Hot R&B Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks. Lots of congratulations to Jud and Abstract for pulling this off. When I talked to Jud for the cover story on Abstract Workshop in March this is what he said:

"I don't want to come out typical OC style, like get a couple million behind it and look like I'm a rock star already—though I am a rock star; I've spent more time in the studio than any rock star I've ever known. I'm a moment capturer. That's it. I don't want to have a finished product coming out. I want it to be from the bedroom, glitchy, with the grit; I want them to listen to the bullshit to get to the point! I wanna put the baby pictures out. I don't consider us huge talents. I consider us capable of capturing inspiration. And that's beyond talent!"

And now you can see what he meant at #4 on the charts. Listen or get a copy for yourself at or Abstract Workshop or And see Jud live at next weekend's Abstract Workshop at Detroit with excellent support from Freestyle Fellowship's Myka Nyne and Trek Life.

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