Tyga's 'Rack City': The Five Whitest Covers Ever

Tyga's 'Rack City': The Five Whitest Covers Ever

If you have ears then you've probably heard the Tyga song off of his second album Careless World: Rise of the Last King called "Rack City." Not only has it soared its way up the Billboard 100 charts (it currently sits at #15), it has spawned a slew of awesome remixes and covers. Our friend Glynn Montemayor (of the band Oh Girl) sent us this impressive cover (he really knows his shit and studied the lyrics!)  which inspired us to see what other goodies might be out on YouTube. After the jump, the five whitest covers we've seen.

Before all that, however, we wanted to make sure everyone's on the same page on what "Rack City" really means. Props to whoever wrote this definition on Urban Dictionary because it is not only informative, it's hysterical too.

By "Mr. Rack City"- Best song of all time that involves a grandma on a d, 10s on titties, and girls with no asses wearing ponchos. A truly artful song that illustrates Tyga's true proficiency in the english language. Rolling Stone said, of the song, "This modern day rap anthem to the city of racks is 2011's version of Imagine or Born to Run." Tyga's melodious voice, emphasizing the hundreds that he throws upon the racks of strippers while eloquently alluding to paint on cars, his own star power, the hazards of getting bapped, and his pride in not practicing celibacy, truly captures the voice of a generation." Known as a fantastic song with and outstanding music video.

We know not everything can be as great as the original but we also know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. With that, here are five of the most awesome and awkward covers by white people of the song Rack City!

5- Rack City Acoustic Cover- (YouTube channel- foxygrandpa2494)
This cover is amazing. Not only does the guy on the right put it down on the guitar and the lyrics, his "hype man/dancer" on the left really lays down one great line. Literally. Shout out to red shirt guy in the back too getting his head bob on. He might be the real star!

4- Rack City (Tyga cover) - (YouTube channel- Gunpowder Secrets)
Talk about dedication. This guy made a full-on video complete with a walk around the neighborhood and his house. He even got his friends to join him in the kitchen to share the passion of Rack City which proves even skateboarders and shirtless men are into this song.

3- "Rack City" Acoustic Cover- (YouTube channel- TheKrustycrabpizza)
Not to stereo-type BUT...I would have never guessed that a girl with Muse and Pink Floyd poster on her wall would be able to lay down a version of Rack City. Let me be the first to apologize because she does a pretty great rendition of the Tyga hit from what I can hear. Seriously girl, next time get a microphone.

2- Me and My Grandma Dancing to Rack City- (YouTube channel- FrankTwitchy)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. This doesn't really fit the guitar cover of Rack City but we feel it should get honorable mention because...well just because. Granny's got moves for days and her Bieber-esque grandson is adorable. In a non-pedo type of way. This video will be a memory that will last forever of that one time Granny shook it to Rack City. Awww.


1- Tyga - Rack City (YouTube channel- sydneyann6)
You know you should be on a "whitest" list when you point it out yourself in the beginning of the video. Really though, once you get past all of the "I'm not a gangsta/ sorry for cursing mom," this chick has a pretty great voice. While she may be far from a Rack City bitch, this bitch can carry a tune. Maybe singing hooks is in her future or if that doesn't work out, getting racks on racks on racks.

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