Tyga at The Observatory, March 29, 2012
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Tyga at The Observatory, March 29, 2012

The Observatory
March 28, 2012

Warning: This review contains explicit language, and your children should not read this--too bad you let them attend this concert.

If you were at the Observatory to see Tyga perform at his sold-out show, you heard a lot--and I mean a lot--of  "Rack City," the song you were probably getting ready to and playing in your car before heading to the show. No, he didn't play it a record seven times like Jay-Z and Kanye West did with "Niggas In Paris" at the Staples Center, but three times is still a bit excessive. Tyga's production value was one of high quality, featuring four lit up letters spelling T Y G A, that shifted from green, blue and red.
There was also an out-of-place Egyptian Pharaoh headpiece hoisted in between the Y and G. Does Tyga think he's royalty? Because he's not just yet. The lights and lasers brought to the show made the concert feel like a club, except that the crowd wasn't so hot. All the girls looked 16, and every guy in the building seemed to want to try and bang each of those underage-looking girls.

To further antagonize the crowd, Tyga said, "I see all these panties on stage, but no bras. I want to see some titties!" Bra after bra flew to the stage. A enormous pink bra hit the stage and took everyone by surprise. Tyga claimed that it was the biggest bra he had seen, and I don't doubt it. He continued to speak to the crowd by saying, "Don't bring your girl to a Tyga concert, because I'm a true playa and will take her" (Only at a rap show, right?) He could have literally taken them away though, because it was rumored he drove himself to the Observatory.

Tyga at The Observatory, March 29, 2012
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Now to the music. Tyga rose to fame on the mixtape circuit, along with joining forces on Lil Wayne's, Young Money Entertainment, where he was featured on three tracks including Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj. His performance on this night was one of mixtape and featuring Tyga proportions, though I will credit him for not lip syncing like Madonna does in her performances. He only performed one song in full. (Hence, "Rack City" eventually sounded like a broken record.) When performing "Faded", he just kept saying, "My nigga, I'm faded faded faded, and I don't give a fuck." Tyga proceeded to perform other hits he's featured in, such as "Bedrock" and R&B bad boy and douchebag du jour Chris Brown's hit song, "Deuces."

Joining Tyga onstage was Honey Cocaine (do not take that literally). With a name like that, you can only imagine what she looked and sounded like. Parents, these are your kids' role models. She performed a couple tracks from her latest mixtape, Fuck Yo Feelings vol. 1. The blonde, high-pitched version of Nicki Minaj did not impress us much, but I'm sure getting center stage didn't hurt her.

Tyga hit the stage at the weird time of 10:20 and ended at 11:11. Who does that? At least he had the common courtesy to show up on time, unlike some rappers (cough, cough, The Game, cough). He performed every song his fans were waiting for, and everyone looked like they were having the time of their life.

Critics Bias
"Rack City" was catchy until tonight. I would have liked to see Tyga perform full songs that did not end after a minute and a half into it.

Heard In the Crowd

"Is my boyfriend (Tyga) coming out to see me?"
None intelligent jiberesh

Random Notebook Dump #1: I'm glad the Observatory is hosting rap concerts. Doing these shows the versatility of the venue. Plus, Tyga sold out weeks in advance for a Wednesday.

Random Notebook Dump #2:  With all due respect to the Observatory, here's a question: Who the hell takes a limo in Santa Ana to see a rap concert?

Answer: A dude that got kicked out of the concert. He was actually trying to fight security, but  was held back by his girlfriend who said, "Shut the fuck up Alex."

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