Twitter Me This: #FatIndieBands

Twitter Me This: #FatIndieBands

To wit, we have some local favorites and other hilarious entries:

@raytovey: Avi Buffalo Wings
@Wilroblor:  Key Sublime pie

@davidmooney88:  Best toast
@frankenteen: !!!-Fil-A

More awesome ones after the jump...

@harrispittman: Manic Street Pizza
@TylerAbstract: Alkaline Cheeto
@emmavandernoot:  Empire of the Sunchips
@v_butchface: PB&J Harvey

@SamuelDion:  Zero 7-Eleven
@brandonbenoit19: You Say Burger! We Say Fries!
@Kellycegan: Burger Kings of Leon

Can you think of more?

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