Top row: Schuyler Hoversten, Doc Mcghee, Brett Bouchy; bottom row: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons
Top row: Schuyler Hoversten, Doc Mcghee, Brett Bouchy; bottom row: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons
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Trouble in L.A. KISS Land, Chief Partner Sued

When we covered the L.A. KISS in a cover story ahead of their maiden campaign, every thing seemed hunky dory. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons vowed that they were gunning for a title in their first season, and once the wins came, so would the patrons. Their creative marketing plan worked, as the games became a spectacle unto themselves. Though the team had a forgettable 3-15 season, the games were fun to attend and the reality show on AMC, 4th and Long, presented a real glimpse behind the scenes, at least in the reality TV type of way.

We also spoke with Brett Bouchy, the man whose idea it was to lasso in Stanley, Simmons and KISS manager Doc McGhee into getting involved with Arena Football League. Originally when we reported the story, Bouchy told us he had to sell shares of the previous franchise he owned, the Orlando Predators. It seemed like a clean break at the top, selling his shares in order to take on a bolder adventure in Southern California. Alas, nothing is as simple as it appears.

Recently, the Register reported that Bouchy was the target of a federal lawsuit claiming that he mismanaged and diverted funds from the Florida team he previously owned. Uh oh. According to the Register, Bouchy said he hasn't been served and defended his previous years of claiming to have a sterling reputation in the league.

Among the major points listed in the suit were that the Predators would print an 3,000 tickets to distribute to a broker, who would give the tickets to scalpers. The suit alleges the moneys generated went to Bouchy and the ticket broker.

Additionally, when he sold his share of the Predators for $247,583, Bouchy told Pearsall he could recoup $500,000 by hosting a KISS concert and the 2013 Arena Bowl in Orlando. We documented in our cover story as being the impetus for the alliance and subsequent bringing KISS into the AFL fold. However, the events didn't do as well as promised, only generating about $200,000, before expenses.

After the sale of his shares, Bouchy showed a balance sheet to Pearsall presenting $88,044 in liabilities. However, that report didn't include at the cost of host actually hosting the Arena Bowl, which including loans and expenses, cost in the ballpark of around $450,000

Whatever happens with this lawsuit, which Bouchy contends he'll be vindicated, one thing's for sure: Things are never dull when it comes to the L.A. KISS.

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