Tribute: Top Three Ronnie James Dio Videos Of All Time

Ronnie James Dio is dead. The man we credit with inventing the devil-metal-horns, the man with the strongest metal pipes of all, died of stomach cancer on Sunday, May 16, at 7:45 a.m. He was 67. In tribute, we give you the top three Dio videos of all time. Rock In Peace, my man. 

1. "The Last in Line"

Dio liked bike messengers before hipsters made that job cool. Egyptian costumes, kitschy devils, the requisite metal rainbow riff -- everything about this brings me back to my childhood.

2. "Rock N' Roll Children"

This song holds a special place in Dio's iconography because it shows how he made metal seem safe and not scary. Less devilish, more after-school programming, Dio knew how to use music videos the way Michael Jackson did.

3. "Rainbow in the Dark"
There's another version of this song where Dio sounds gallant and slightly goofy (watch it here), but this one is all pomp and glory.

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