You didn't know it then, but this was Trent Reznor wishing for an Oscar.
You didn't know it then, but this was Trent Reznor wishing for an Oscar.
Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly

Trent Reznor Won an Oscar! Now a Trending Topic on Twitter! (Here's What Everyone is Saying)

If someone told me when I was a 15-year-old, wannabe wrist-slitter relating to Trent Reznor's pain via Nine Inch Nail's industrial rock sludge that he would one day be wearing a tux at the Academy Awards and winning an Oscar for scoring a movie about a 20-something Harvard geek worth billions, I would've said you were drunk on Zima.

Still, it happened last night. Trent Reznor and co-composer Atticus Ross took home the Academy Award for Best Original Score for their music on the David Fincher's The Social Network. Reznor asked onstage, "Wow, is this really happening?"

It was, and the reactions on Twitter were all over the place. Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst congratulated him. Fans accused him of selling out. And, of course, there were a ton of references to the lyrics of "Closer."  After the jump, our favorites:
freddurst    Trent Reznor won!! Dope (You know it's awesome when FRED DURST is saying something is dope. On TWITTER.)

derekblasberg    Trent Reznor, of N.I.N. and the lyric "I want to F you like an animal," has one more Oscar than Tom Cruise and Robert Downey, Jr COMBINED.

KMJ_79    If Monday gets me down today,I shall remind myself that Trent Reznor now has an Oscar. Amazing. #NINWIN

cherryteresa    To the people saying Trent Reznor is a sell out: You do realize he gave us most of the music he's made the past few years for free, right?

db74: Trent Reznor & [Atticus] Ross winning the oscar has changed the landscape (if just a little) for future filmscores

LastLaughBlog    Ten years ago I would have been so excited that Trent Reznor won an Oscar. In 2011 I'm just disappointed Daft Punk didn't get a nom.

rangeoscar: Trent Reznor is an Oscar winner? Kurt Cobain must be spinning in his grave right now.

The_UrbanFox    Congrats to Trent Reznor @trent_reznor for winning an #oscar for "original" score for Social Network even though it was Ghosts regurgitated.

DraconianOne    Delighted that Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won an Oscar last night. Slightly concerned it might make listening to NIN respectable though. 

toddlevin    Big #Oscars missed opportunity: Trent Reznor not telling Fincher, "I want to thank you like an animal."

waitwait    Trent Reznor, I want to congratulate you like an animal. #wwoscar

ABCnewsIntern    "I'd like to feel this award from the inside", says Trent Reznor.


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