TRASHed at The Camp hosts Cans and Bands in May

TRASHed at The Camp hosts Cans and Bands in May

Move over April, concert goers have a new spring fling...her name is May, and she's finer than a motha fucka. With many great summer shows on the horizon, those of you who are into that whole recycling and bettering man kind trip might consider coming out to a weekly concert series going on right under your nose. Starting on May 3, a local performance venue TRASHed at The Camp is hosting another installment of it's Cans and Bands Concert Series, bringing a reliable roster of acts to the stage, including a few bands we've written about in The Weekly (i.e. Audacity, The Studio Fix, DJ Old Boy and more).

The idea behind the event, as you might have guessed by the title, is to host a weekly jam session and can food drive for the betterment of your ears and the hungry mouths waiting to be fed by the OC Rescue Mission where the cans are being donated. C&B is just one of the eco-centric events hosted by non-profit organization Global Inheritance, operated largely by Jenna Eyrich (bassist for The Studiofix).

In an attempt to cultivate a progressive social moment of creative youth to bring awareness to environmental and political issues, turns out GI can also throw some pretty sweet concerts too. Continuing with their weekly performances gives audiences a chance to experience both established and emerging bands. Ten cans gets you in for free. But if you'd rather keep your stock pile of earth quake food all to yourself, it will only cost you $5. The first show this month features The Atlantic Line, Davis Fetter of Venus Infers and Backseat Bingo. See you out there.

Check out more info on the event HERE!


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