Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

Let's face it: Most gamers don't exactly get the proper amount of exercise. With the Fun Xercise Bike, however, gamers will have to work for their playtime! This sneaky way to integrate exercise and and gaming can be used for such games as Mario Kart Wii and ExciteTruck. Instead of effortlessly holding onto the "2" button to accelerate the on-screen vehicle, the player will now have to peddle and move in order to get anywhere in these racing games. Now you can finally fulfill that New Years' resolution and work out more often. And all it took was a video game.

9. Wii Dumbbells

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

Using the dumbbell attachments to lift weights in fitness games such as Wii Fit can now feel like the real deal because, well, these are real! Available in either 2 or 5lbs, you can actually use these accessories to work out your arms, making it one of the more practical Wiimote attachments. You can even show your Nintendo pride and take it to the gym. Believe me, the ladies will notice.

8. Wii Hero Pack

A sword and shield attachment is perfect for games such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Dragon Quest Swords. When a great evil threatens the tranquility of the world around you, equipment these plastic accessories and show them who's boss.

7. Wii Cooking Kit

For the wannabe cook of the house, the cooking kit attachments feature a retractable knife, fork, pan, and spatula. These attachments go perfectly with cooking games such as Cooking Mama Cook Off. The knife accessory can also be useful for more mature games, such as Manhunt 2 and Madworld. With the cooking kit, there's something for everybody!

6. Wii Fishing Pole

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

In an attempt to completely eliminate the need for imagination, the fishing pole attachment for the Wii includes a retractable fishing line and a little plastic fish. This gadget is guaranteed to damage something, especially since fishing games require the player to fling the Wiimote like a real fishing line. The attachment is also collapsible for easy storage, which is useful considering how dangerous this can be to those around you.

5. Wii Pom Poms

You can't have cheerleading without the iconic pom poms, just as much as you can't have Wii cheerleading without the pom pom attachments. By attaching miniature versions of these sparkly balls of fluff onto your Wiimote, you will almost feel the all the glamor and popularity of being an actual cheerleader. Don't fool yourself and play without the pom poms, you'll only be experiencing half of the

We Cheer


4. WiiWaa

What is WiiWaa? By shoving your Wii remote into the mouth of a stuffed WiiWaa, the player is able to manipulate the on-screen version of the freaky creature. Although it's a creative and cute idea, I can't image how accurate this method of control can be. There shouldn't be any difference if you place the controller into a plastic bag and shake it around.

3. Wii Bowling Ball

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

Wii Bowling is great. It's probably the closest thing you can get to the experience of real bowling lanes. However, the light weight of the Wiimote is nothing compared to that of an actual bowling ball. With the release of the the bowling ball attachment for the Wiimote, the feel of the alley is more real than ever--just make sure you don't actually throw the ball. We wouldn't want you prying out a fake bowling ball lodged into your new flatscreen.

2. Lady Gaga Bid Adjuster

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

In Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" music video, the Wii remote is used to adjust the bid amount for the young pop star who is unwillingly involved as a sex slave. At the 2:12 mark of the music video, the gentleman in the foreground tilts the analog stick to the lower left, raising his bid to 1,000,000 units of the imaginary currency.

1. Wii Baby and Me

Top Ten Most Ridiculous Wii Attachments

There's a Wiimote attachment to simulate just about every job out imaginable. Chef, fisherman, knight, you name it. It's only a matter of time before an accessory is designed to simulate the most difficult and under appreciated profession out there- the stay-at-home mother.

With the game Baby and Me, the aspiring mother (a potentially troubling enough sentiment on its own) would need to stick the Wii remote into the body of the baby. All motion from the baby can then be read and translated onto the game screen. The game also features Balance Board support, so you can simulate rocking your child to sleep. Just make sure you don't shake the baby! The game will know.


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