Top Five Worst Places to Get Your EDM News

The Typical "EDM Fans"
The Typical "EDM Fans"
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly

With EDM garnering so much spotlight in the music world lately, plenty of media outlets, businesses conglomerates and showbiz types have turned to EDM as if it just came out of nowhere. Popping up all over the US through music festivals, YouTube sensations, blogs and sold out amphitheaters, it's understandable why everyone (including us) seems to be vying to capture a piece of this audience nowadays. However, whenever you have an influx of reporters, bloggers, TV anchors and social media whores delivering content about the genre, there are always going to be a few attempts that really make us cringe. Whether its an out-of-touch news anchor, or a hipster blog that's long on party pics and short on content, there are some outlets that any EDM lover worth their kandi bracelets should avoid like the plague. For that reason, we've put together a quick list of the top five worst places to get your EDM news.

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Rolling Stone's "Anatomy of a Kandi Kid" article
Rolling Stone's "Anatomy of a Kandi Kid" article

5. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is one of the most respected publications covering music, politics and pop culture since the 60s. Published every two weeks they have the most relevant artists and figures grace the cover. Enthusiastic to see Deadmau5 on the July cover this year, we were still disappointed with the "Dance Madness" coverage inside which focused on the parties, drugs and super star DJs. The interview with Joel Zimmerman paints a picture of a guy who cares little about the music or his fans. They further add to the stigmas of the EDM scene by doing a section on ecstasy use and the "Anatomy of a Kandi Kid." Rolling Stone has the opportunity to do respectable investigating about the pioneers of dance music and where it is headed with the rise of big investors who just see dollar signs and have no real passion for the music instead of mocking the scene from a one sided perspective. Additionally, though we enjoy seeing interviews and reviews on the blog on EDM artists, we wish there was more variety and it wasn't just the superstars like David Guetta or Kaskade. There are plenty of talented producers, songwriters and DJs who deserve to be on their radar. Overall, their coverage of what the kids are listening to these days is making them look older by the minute.

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4. Fox 11 DJ

Leave it to the usually conservative on news KTTV television station to be jumping on the EDM bandwagon and produce a new segment titled "Fox 11 DJ." Though we think it's great that they want to expose their general viewers with dance music culture by giving them a so called "behind the scenes look," how much can their meteorologist Pablo Pereira really know about the music? We give them props for doing a proper Wikipedia search on the artist's history and/or getting the appropriate press release from the artists' publicists, but with the opportunities to speak to some of the biggest names in the business like Paul Van Dyk and Amon Tobin the real EDM fans and Fox 11 viewers deserve much deeper questions than "Tell me how excited are you to be here right now?" Of course artists like Van Dyk are so seasoned in being interviewed that they know exactly what to say to someone uneducated in the scene however, this won't always be the case as the segment continues. Let's face it, when it comes to getting educated about a genre with 30 years worth of roots in the U.S., this shit is bush league at best. 

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