Top Five Underrated Accomplishments of Ray Manzarek

Top Five Underrated Accomplishments of Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek is best known for his work as the keyboardist for the Doors, butanyone who followed his career knows he was more then that. He was a published author and a well-respected music producer. When Manzarek passed away from bile duct cancer on Monday at the age of 74 and the music industry had lost one of its finest all-around innovators. Here is a list of his Top Five Underrated Accomplishments.

5.Working with Weird Al

Despite the fact that during Jim Morrison's lifetime he did not find as much humor in allowing for others to use any of the Doors' songs, much less mock them, Manzarek did not feel this way. And in 2009 he used his keyboardist skills for Weird Al's song "Craigslist" which is clearly making fun of various Doors songs. After his passing Yankovic posted a video of him playing the keyboards and both the music video and Manzarek playing are posted above.

4. Being part of the Lost Boys soundtrack

We all love a great cover, especially when it's done by Echo and the Bunnymen. The band's cover of "People are Strange" is the opening song for cult classic

The Lost Boys

and was a perfect fit for the 80's vampire flick staring both Coreys (Feldmen and Haim, of course). The best part? Manzarek provided the keyboard work for this song as well as "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo," another one of the band's classic tracks. If you are going to do a cover do it right and get one of the original members of the band to lend a hand to enhance to song.

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