Top Five Reasons to Watch 'Rakenrol' If You're Not Filipino

Top Five Reasons to Watch 'Rakenrol' If You're Not Filipino

Today, the LA Pacific Film Festival is screening Rakenrol, a movie written and directed by Quark Henares. Described as "Part Once, part High Fidelity," the movie is an ode to the Filipino underground rock & roll scene and its megafans. On the surface, it's a story of two friends who  form a band and live and love through music. But it's also a glimpse into the Filipino rock & roll lifestyle--proof that with music, the boundaries of nation don't exist.

After the jump, Henares gives us five reasons to check out the movie even if you're not Filipino--and watch the trailer.

1. It gives you a glimpse of the Philippine band scene, which has excellent music

2. It's got a lot of eye candy--actors Diether Ocampo and Alwyn Uytingco for the girls, and sweetheart Glaiza de Castro for the boys.

3. It will teach you all the Filipino slang words so you can show off to your Pinoy friends, including (but not limited to): Burnik, Ormot, Kukurikapu and Jackson.

4. It also gives you a glimpse into the pinoy film scene and the art scene, which are equally  hilarious.

5. It's got samurais, Satanic death metal bands, self-labeled masters of modern cinema, half-naked rockstars and a cameo by the devil.


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