Top Five OC Hotspots for Casey Anthony

So it's starting to look like Orange County can add another illustrious character to its pantheon of dubious stars. According to news reports, Casey Anthony, fresh off an acquittal for the murder of her three six-year-old daughter Caylee, has forsaken one county of citrus for the other--Florida's for California's.

What's an accused killer to do when the thrill of dodging paparazzi and zipping around the country in a private jets wears off? Luckily for Anthony, Orange County has some top-shelf night spots where a gal can unwind.
There are the quiet spots where she can find a dark corner to lay low in, or the crowded noisy spots where she can blend in, let loose and scream bloody murder--if she's in to that sort of thing. Here's a list of five clubs Anthony won't want to miss during her stay here.

1. Sutra - Anthony will enjoy this spot if she's trying to blend in with a large crowd--especially since the club recently completed an addition. With rap music bumping from the sound system, Anthony can let her inner thug loose, but she'll want to choose the proper threads, the crowd here dresses a cut above what you might find in other night spots, which can lead to unwanted attention for poorly dressed riff raff.

2. Alex's Bar - Maybe Anthony can evade all her haters by slipping quietly across the county line to this Long Beach joint. Though the Day of the Dead motif (paintings of skulls and the like) might be a little disturbing to Anthony--fresh off a murder trial and all--there's a lot of star quality here. As most locals know, Alex's serves as a location in the hit HBO series Tru Blood. Maybe Anthony can belly up to the bar and wait for some Hollywood big wig to grant her her big break. If the thoughts in her head are overwhelming her, she can blunt them with stiff drinks. And then there's the music, loud and fast. If she's lucky, she might get to enjoy a  punk band like as Alkaline Trio  known for  songs like "Private Eye," a clever ode to all things CSI. She'll want to be mindful of where she parks before going in however. The Auto Zone next door is fond of towing errant revelers who inadvertently park in their lot.

3. Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill -This spot up in Tustin is known for taking its karaoke very seriously. They actually have "Karaoke Jockeys" who patrol the room with wireless microphones and perform for patrons. Here Anthony can choose the perfect number describing how she feels inside and knock em dead with a heartfelt rendition of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach," PJ Harvey's "Down by the Water," or the Dead Kennedy's "I Fought the Law (and I won)."

4. Detroit Bar - Though Anthony won't want to miss this month's resident band, local ghouls Death Hymn Number 9, she might find something here better than great music. Maybe she'll find a sensitive, college-educated hipster to write her biography-- A Theory Driven Exploration of Criminal Intentionality in a Post Feminist Society: The Casey Anthony Story.

5. The Helm - OC's venerable dive bar will soon be shuttering its doors and transforming into a martini lounge (yawn.) Though we're sad to see this spot go, we hope there might be a glimmer of hope that Casey Anthony will want to be seen with martini glass in hand at the new digs.


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