Top Five Kris Kross Moments From the 90s

R.I.P Mac Daddy
R.I.P Mac Daddy

For millions of us who have fond memories of coming of age in the 90s, the news of Kris Kross' "Mac Daddy" Chris Kelly's passing Wednesday night at age 34 was particularly troubling. But along with being one-half of the duo behind the infectious double platinum single "Jump" off the quadruple platinum album Totally Krossed Out, Kelly's career milestones read like a winning "Things of the 90s" bingo card. With his passing reminding us of how many of our memories his music is intertwined with, we take a look back at Kris Kross' Most 90s Moments.

5. Kris Kross' Sprite Commercial

The 90s were a simpler time when you could market a beverage by spelling its name in a rap song. A far cry from Barney Rubble claiming he loved Fruity Pebbles "in a major way," Sprite's hip-hop-centric 90s campaigns wanted customers to "obey your thirst" and remember that "Grant Hill drinks Sprite." They also wanted to let you know Kris Kross liked the Sprite in you and were thrilled to rap about it.

4.Kris Kross' Name-Drop in Eminem's "My Name Is"

Kris Kross had parted ways for almost three years before they were mentioned in the breakout single for upstart Detroit rapper Eminem. On his introductory track, Mr. Mathers boasted he "Ripped Pamela Lee's tits off / and smacked her so hard I knocked her clothes backwards like Kris Kross." The entire line was re-written for the version sent to radio, leaving the backwards clothes imagery a surprise for those who purchased the album.

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