Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

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This week, we got a top five report from Josue at Pepperland Music, 850 N. Tustin St. in Orange, (714) 639-0909. Not surprisingly, there's an overwhelming amount of '60s and '70s rock on this week's list (the store's logo should've given that away), with the lead spot going to a bunch of moptops you've probably never heard of.

5. Surf Music Compilations
Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

Josue couldn't really name a specific collection he had in mind, but he said that the kind of stuff that they've been selling in compilations -- The Ventures, Dick Dale, etc. -- has been selling at Pepperland. Sort of stereotypically Californian, if you ask me -- surf music selling at an Orange County record shop. But that doesn't make the stratocaster-driven trills and harmonies any less valuable to our county's culture, so it's fitting that Surf Music Compilations (as a whole, a bunch of them) take the number five spot.

4. Early White Stripes

Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

Josue also said that he couldn't really give an exact album, but he just said that the White Stripes' earlier stuff -- their self-titled and De Stijl -- are the ones that are really going. And after weeks and weeks of hearing Blunderbuss, Jack White's solo album, coming out on top, this is a breath of fresh air from the nostalgic early years of White's career.

3. Rolling Stones, Some Girls (Rolling Stones)

Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

Heralded as the Stones' turn into the punk genre, the Rolling Stones wrote and released Some Girls through some serious band turmoil. The album's release, too, sparked controversy. Do certain members of the female population of a certain race really just want to fornicate for the entire duration of a night? Y'know, we're not quite sure about that one. But we are sure that Some Girls is one of the best albums ever, bombastic like only the Stones could be, and slides into number three.

2. Fleetwood Mac, Rumours (Warner Bros.)

Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

Despite being released 35 years ago, Rumours is still selling big at Pepperland -- enough to take the number two slot this week. As much as we'd like to say this surge in sales wasn't because of the Glee episode named after and featuring songs from the iconic 1977 album, the popular television show did cause sales to spike so much that the album reentered the Billboard Top 200 after the episode premiered. Whether or not this has a direct effect on what's been going on at Pepperland this week is up to interpretation, but, for the sake of our sanity, let's just hope that the influence of Glee hasn't infiltrated them just yet.

1. The Beatles, Beatles '65 (Capitol)

Top Five Hits: Pepperland Records in Orange

It always warms our hearts to see that the Beatles are still selling (especially their actual records). I would expect nothing less from Pepperland, who (assumedly) take their name from the mythical undersea land from the band's Yellow Submarine film. Beatles '65 is a bit strange in that it was only released in America, as Beatles for Sale was released earlier, contained more songs than Beatles '65 and apparently had much better sound quality. Basically, it was a way for Capitol to shaft the American public and continue to gain huge revenue from the Fab Four's enormous popularity. Bastards! Still, it's got number one written all over it this week, and that's fine with us -- as long as people are still listening to the Beatles, we're be happy.

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