Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

For this week's top five we called Factory Records, 440 E 17th Street in Costa Mesa, (949) 722-8101. Besides a couple really strange (really good, but so very strange) releases off Lavish Womb, the top spot this week goes to the one and only Ty Segall Band and their first release as a band, Slaughterhouse.

5. Church of Sun, 3 Days in 21 Nights (Lavish Womb)
Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

As small as the Lavish Womb label is, they're making an impression this week with two of five top spots at Factory this week. Church of Sun's 3 Days in 21 Nights combines a bit of punk with a bit of folk, old blues, and... Elvis impersonation? All of this atop tunes like "Goin' Dancin'," growling hauntingly reminiscent of Tom Waits. If you think Tom Waits meets Screaming Females, then you still won't have any idea the kind of unique sound these guys have. Go take a listen and find out for yourself.

4. Hot Water Music, Exister (Rise)

Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

Reformed '90s punk band from Florida came back for their first record in eight long years with Exister, which slams its way into the current punk scene. With beats a little heavier, voices a little smokier, and everything just tiny bit less in-your-face as their '90s selves, Hot Water Music has cooled down a little. That doesn't mean they're losing steam, though -- with music much more complex than the picks scraping Stratocaster strings of old, Hot Water Music takes number 4.

3. Lucid Doom, Lucid Doom (Lavish Womb)

Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

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The other Lavish Womb release on this week's list is no less unique -- though in a different way. Where Church of Sun's got a whole lot going on and a bunch of different sounds and clear influences, Lucid Doom's electronica fills the room with atmospheric wails and synth noise craziness. If you can imagine the way it would feel to have a glitter bomb explode in your cerebellum,vyou might be getting at the sound these guys have.

2. Off!, Off! (Vice)

Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

Headed by Keith Morris of Circle Jerks and Black Flag fame, we've seen Off! on these lists a few times. Most notable for their self-titled album's 16-song arrangement of tracks under 2 minutes long, these petite curtsies of punk romps are simple, satisfying and lack extravagance, instead embracing the brute force of punk.

1. Ty Segall Band, Slaughterhouse (In the Red)

Top Five Hits: Factory Records in Costa Mesa

Anybody who hasn't been watching out for Ty Segall should remember his name. He's been showing up everywhere, from his own solo work to his collaboration with White Fence earlier this year. And now he's just released his first album under the name Ty Segall Band. A delightfully addictive lo-fi nod to somehow both doo-wop and punk rock, Segall and his Slaughterhouse have Factory Records wrapped around his finger this week.  

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Factory Records

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