Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton
This week we've got five super tasty (and surprisingly humanitarian) records from Burger Records, 645 S State College Blvd Unit A in Fullerton, (714) 336-0561. Mmmm, Burger. Gotta love 'em. This week's top seller at Burger is The Audacity's Mellow Cruiser.

5. The Kitty Comp Cassettes (Burger)
Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

Who says there's no soul in the record industry? The Burger Records guys found an injured kitten in the street and took it to a vet, where they discovered the cute little orphan needed $2,200 of surgery. They called on their friends to contribute unreleased music for a benefit tape, and 50 bands came together with material to help out the kitty. Any proceeds after the $2,200 will turn into a donation by the ASPCA, so no wonder it sold like, well, free kittens.

4. Natural Child, For the Love of the Game (Burger)

Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

While the album cover for Natural Child isn't going to give the same kind of warm fuzzies as the Kitty Comp, For the Love of the Game is still selling well over at Burger Records. Behind those bodacious cheeks, find the kind of bluesy rock most at home in a dive bar -- the kind that you never expect but always appreciate.

3. Gravys Drop, Hot Donuts 7" (Burger)

Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

The Beach Boys-inspired Gravys Drop single's got two tracks, "Buddhist Guru" and "Happy Birthday." Both epitomize California surf rock, but in a more modern sense than The Beach Boys; with lyrics like, "Let me tell you 'bout my Buddhist guru / He makes jelly donuts, apple fritters till two / If you listen closely, he might have some words for you," "Buddhist Guru" really does epitomize today's surf rock scene.

2. Gap Dream, Gap Dream (Burger)

Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

The Burger site lists the Gap Dream's self-titled LP as a pre-sale, but the cassette is already available and apparently selling like crazy. This psychedelic rock will put you straight into space, whether it's the crazy synth and wah intro to "Greased" the random clapping and snapping, reversed guitars or reverbed out double-track vocals, Gap Dream's got a pretty accurate name, and trips into number two this week.

1. The Audacity, Mellow Cruisers (Burger)

Top Five Hits: Burger Records in Fullerton

The Audacity's local garage punk attitude beckons back to the days when Weezer was still putting out solid records and garage bands didn't describe the genre of music, but the venues in which the bands played. While the Fullerton natives aren't playing in garages anymore, (they're currently touring with Ty Segall), the sound still represents the same kind of bombastic (dare I say audacious?) punk rock that takes youthful angst and channels it pure through an amplifier. It ain't that mellow (well, maybe by punk standards...) but it is awesome, it is selling, and it takes numbah one!

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Burger Records

645 S. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831


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