Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

Considering the man has long been a meme in his own right, it was only a matter of time before the tumblr community hopped on the Kanye West schtick. And since the whole I'mma Let You Finish thing is pretty much dead and buried, we've tracked down the funniest and most current Ye-related tumblrs on the web. Top Five after the jump.

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

5. Fuck Yeah Yeezy
Though this tumblr, by Michel Dacruz, is mainly dedicated to reporting Kanye-related news and updates, due to the sheer absurdity of its subject the posts are (more often than not) pretty funny (click here for an example). As Kanye would say (and did say, on Watch the Throne), "That shit cray."

4. Kanye's Ish on tumblr
The brillance of this tumblr is that it allows Yeezy to speak for himself, without adding any fringe commentary--it's literally a mash-up of Kanye tweets, by Jeremy Watt. The best part is the "random" button, which will have you rediscovering outrageous-Kanye gold, from back before he stopped tweeting like it was his religion. My favorite random-button discovery: "French Fries are the devil." Be warned, however--you'll suddenly find yourself staring at a shitload of random objects from eras past--Kanye likes weird fashion and weirder tschotskes.

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

3. Kanye With White People
Yep--pictures of Kanye with white people. We're not sure what the end goal of this blog is--probably to demonstrate that Yeezy (despite what his comments about Bush and Taylor Swift may suggest) doesn't actually hate white people (though the disgruntled face he's making uptop suggests otherwise). 

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

2. Kanye + Comics
It's exactly what it sounds like--Kanye West lyrics superimposed over comicbook scenes (they fit remarkably, and hilariously, well). It's a triumph for the superhero nerd in all of us. Creator Chris Haley writes, at the top of the page, "I love comics. I love Kanye West. I had to do something, so I started this." Well said. Best part: For those Kanye fans not super familiar with where the lyrics come from, the name of the original song is in every post (the above is from "Power"). Most of the comics are superhero comics, but occasionally you'll stumble upon an outlier.

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

(Looking good, Cathy. Lyrics from Ye's verse on "Run This Town")

Two more favorites ...

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs
Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

The former's lyrics are from "Through the Wire" the second is from "Monster" (though technically, from Nicki Minaj's verse).

(Note: At some point, apparently, there was a Kanye + Pokemon tumblr, which now seems to have been deleted. It's truly a shame, because not only is the combination of those two things absurd, but we would have been blessed with gems like:

Oh well. Bygones. Lyrics above are from Kanye's "Monster".)
Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

1. Kanye Chef (aka Noonemanshouldhaveallthatflour)
A tumblr that combines two of our favorite things to hilarous outcome--food and Kanye. Most of the posts are Kanye's lyrics rewritten to be about food (see below) but occasionally, a funny Kanye/food gif or picture is posted as well (see above). It'll leave you with the conflicting desires to listen to some Kanye--while stuffing your face with pie.

"Stop it, Stop it

None of this pot shit

Everybody know I'm a mother fuckin' lobster

I'ma need to get these rubber bands off my claws bitch

I'ma need to get these rubber bands off my claws bitch

uh, Best boilin me live head down, huh

Less sauce, more bread right now, huh

Is my shell more red than the devil is

Are you bout to eat me with some butter bitch?"

(The lyrics to "Monster" rewritten)

Top Five Funny Kanye West Tumblrs

(Rewritten lyrics from "Diamonds")

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