Top Five Bands Playing The 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Vegas

Its that time of year again--the 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament & Music Festival is happening next weekend. Yup, while hipster indie fans may get random festivals in the middle of deserts, we get a  four-day-long music festival set in the heart of Vegas, baby! Thanks to the hardworking people of BYO Records and Smash Magazine, pogo, beer and punk-rock can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat crab legs!

Man, I'm still trying to forget about the debauchery brought forth by attending last years show with my friends....we had all just turned 21 and it was our first time in Vegas.

Well, this year is looking even better with the lineup of bands being almost legendary....

5) Leftover Crack

Back from their hiatus, these crack city rockers will be performing their ska-punk classics on Monday night. I'm pretty sure my hair will stand on its ends when they play their "ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC, and ANTI-BREEDING but PRO-CHOICE" (taken from their myspace page) affirmative anthems that I've only heard on my ipod.

4) The Undertones

The historic 77 band from UK, The Undertones are playing Sunday night out of nowhere. They will pleasing the girlie's and making drunken dudes cry with their landmark nostalgic songs like "Teenage Kicks" and producing relationship epiphanies with their provocative song "Its Gonna Happen."

3) Cock Sparrer

The Monday night tickets were the first ones to sell out because of these East End natives, they rarely play any US shows so whey they do, they sell out quick! You can bet "tough guy" skinheads will be coming from all around the nation to sing-along to like this one and other "Working" class bloody ballad's.

2) Stiff Little Fingers

The legendary Irish rockers are billed to go on Monday night and I'm positive they will put on a good show. To see them perform their hits "Gotta Gettaway", "Alternative Ulster" and of course "Suspect Device." will bring a smile to both classic punk-rock veterans and young, anxious devils alike!

1) The Descendents

And last but not least...The Descendents! Unlike other locally grown 80's punk-bands who tour regularly, these guys have been on hiatus for a while and are less generous with their shows. Their signature poppy-punk has evolved over the years with even deeper heartfelt lyrics. Not to say. I'm not going to pogo and pit when they play "I like food" (anthem for my life. haha)

So there you have it! Now for the bad news...the event is officially sold out, yup all three days too!

But don't you all cry and drink away your musical sorrows just yet...for your trusty OC Weekly punk-rock reporter promises to control himself enough to document and take awesome photos of the whole event!

So stay tuned...cheers!


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