Top 5 Questions for Adam Richman

Adam Richman, the lovable foodie from the Travel Channel's Man V. Food, is coming to the House of Blues Dec. 15. If you don't know Richman, your first question probably is, "So?" But if you know all about how the Brooklyn native travels the country to enter eateries that serve ridiculous portions in hopes of chowing them in one sitting, you might have a few more when the host/actor gets into his Q&A section of the show. I don't plan on attending, but if you do, here are a few freebies to get him riled up.

1. Have you no shame?
2. Were you the kid in school who ate boogers?
3.What kind of health insurance plan does the Travel Channel provide?
4. Could you kick Anthony Bourdain's ass?
5. Most people on tv get laid without a problem, but does the fact that you stuff your fat face actually supercede the ease factor when you explain to females just what kind of show you're on?

Tickets go on sale Saturday.


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