Top 5 Most Hilarious Comedy Songs

Top 5 Most Hilarious Comedy Songs

​We all know comedians are funny (at least they'd better be), but they really take "funny" to a whole new level when they parlay their humor into a song. Whether it be a parody of something that deserves to be made fun of or an original bit, comedic genius is usually the outcome. Here are our top five picks of the best of the best.   

1.Tenacious D: "Fuck Her Gently"

Thanks to Tenacious D, you can learn the rules to fucking hard, slow, completely, and sweetly. He can also teach you a valuable lesson on teamwork. Rules to live by, guys.
2. Adam Sandler: "Medium Pace"
This really does start and end as a pretty beautiful love song. Of course in the middle of it there is mention of shampoo bottles, shaving pubes, jerking off, and tucking, which might take the "romance" level down a bit.
3. Bob Saget: "My Dog Licked My Balls"
Simply put, this song is really about man and his best friend. Hey, I'm not here to judge.
4. South Park:"Gay Fish"
I don't know if this technically counts as a comedian's song ... unless you think Kanye West loving fish sticks is funny. Your right, it is funny. The South Park crew nailed it when they pointed out that Kanye is the gayest fish in the ocean.
5. The Lonely Island: "Jizz In My Pants"
I always look forward to the "SNL Shorts," and "The Lonely Island" has taught many valuable lessons in the name of comedy such as putting your dick in a box, being a mother lover, and just getting fucked in general. This song's bottom line: Nothing says "I love you" like jizzing in your pants.

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