Sticky Fingers
Sticky Fingers

Top 5 Cover Bands

We love our Squeeze. We do. Sure, we may have had nasty things to say about the Register's attempt to woo our young, hip readers when it first hit the stands. And we may have had nasty things to say about them yesterday. We probably made a crack at them before we even got out of bed this morning. But they mean well. And their editor, Iris Yokoi, is a lovely, kind woman (and hot!). And it's not like it's easy to put out a magazine about OC every week when your editorial mission specifically forbids news, politics, or the word cock. (Though we suppose it's much easier not to use the word cock if you're not writing about news or the politics of these parts.)

My point is, it's not easy to write every week about OC's goings-on when all you're allowed to talk about is hiking, spas and cover bands. Lots and lots of cover bands. How many cover bands? All of them. Does a week go by when Squeeze OC doesn't cover a cover band? I don't know, because there are many, many weeks that go by when I mercifully "forget" to take a gander at Squeeze OC.

Here, in the order in which they popped up on Squeeze OC's search engine, are the top 5 nights of cover bands, as recommended by Squeeze OC.

1. Flock of '80s. Great cover band, actually, with tons of pep and energy, though not nearly so good as the Greg Antista-, Steve Soto- and Gabi from the Cadillac Tramps-infested Flock of Goo Goo. I'm not sure if Squeeze OC has seen Flock of Goo Goo, but they should definitely check them out next time they tie on their Adam Ant-style neckerchiefs and hit the road.

2. Sticky Fingers. An even better cover band, though seeing the Stones tribute with a guitarist boyfriend really confuses things, as you think you've finally figured out which bewigged boy is Bill Wyman and which is Ron Wood and then said boyfriend starts quibbling with the brands of their basses.

3. Dead Star Orchestra. According to Squeeze OC, this Grateful Dead cover band "uses the exact arrangements" of the Dead. I thought the whole point was they didn't have any?

4. Dead Man's Party. Boingo.

5. Desperado/Under Pressure/Straight Shooter. Who hates Don Henley, raise your hand! A Queen cover band sounds cool if it's sung right, but you mean to tell me there's actually an audience for a Bad Company clone? For reals? I loved Best of Bad Company (Bad Company's Greatest Hits? All I know is I pretty much wore out the tape) as much as any other 1989 hippie high schooler, but one Paul Rodgers is probably enough, non? (One Don Henley is one too many.)


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