Top (20)14 Tweets from New Year's Eve

Top (20)14 Tweets from New Year's Eve

Did you go out on New Year's Eve? Have a great time? Spend too much money? Wake up needing five Advil, three espressos, and a shot of Jack Daniel's to take the edge off? Pardon us if we sound bitter but


of us stayed home last night. Whether it was because you didn't want to spend excess cash, couldn't line up a babysitter, or the memories of past NYE night's that made your friends question your taste in the opposite sex kept you in, those of us who stayed home still had fun. We did right? OK, we had a


time ringing in 2014 from the comfort of our couches. See, while we were watching the ball drop with the likes of Kathy Griffin, Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy, and Anderson Cooper, we were also cruising the web. Twitter to be more exact.

While Facebook was full of party pictures last night, a party of words (and no doubt a TON of drinking) was going down on Twitter. To celebrate 2014 and in case you missed something while you were out there having the time of your lives (jealousy is a hell of a drug), we chose the "Top 14 Tweets from New Year's Eve" just for a video. And by the way, we get it if you need to squint while looking at the bright light coming of off your phone or laptop while you read this. Maybe you better have two shots of Jack. Yeah, that'll help.

Top (20)14 Tweets from New Year's Eve

No matter what you did last night (and no, we're not judging you), we hope you had a fantastic and safe New Year's!

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