Top 10 Wally George Band Interviews From The Hot Seat

Top 10 Wally George Band Interviews From The Hot Seat

Come Sunday, it'll be nine years since 

Wally George,

the ultimate crotchety conservative, left this world for the big public access talk show in the sky. The self-proclaimed father of "Combat TV" died of pneumonia in 2003 at age 71 inside

Fountain Valley Hospital


Oct. 7.



left behind countless hours of wig-wearing,Bible-thumping, blood-boiling on-air rants against every lefty nutjob professor, pro wrestler, guitar-playing freako and pot-smoking

Jeff Spicole

look-a-like he could find to come on his legendary KDOC talk show, the

Hot Seat.
For years, this-OC dwelling firebrand was the coffin-dodging gift that kept on giving--a jaw-grinding right-wing caricature who became the prototype for douche bags like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and even talk show hosts like Jerry Springer, though they don't have half the balls to act as crazy as he did. Anyone who remembers stumbling home at 2 a.m. to watch re-runs of his show knows exactly why guys like our boss Gustavo Arellano had a field day writing about him when George's melting wax figure physique still roamed the earth. Commanding his studio audience of young conservative minions (we can still hear them: "SICK! SICK!SICK!"), his specialty was interviewing bands he thought were morally reprehensible, some of which were locals that turned out to be rather huge names. Looking back at one of the most unintentionally funny people in OC history, here is a list of Wally's top 10 band interviews from the Hot Seat.
10. Mark Dead of the Hags

For fans of OC punk circa 1985, the Hags will always be remembered as one of our county's most outrageous bands--violent, oversexed believers in the occult. They were  also one of the few to bare the distinguished title of "Scum of the Earth" by Wally during a couple choice interviews on the Hot Seat. Frontman Mark Dead, self-proclaimed leader of the BONES Society (Better Organization of Negative Energy), hits all the right notes during his interview: his tolerance of satanism, his philosophies on the need for mass murder, his admiration for Charles Manson and his desire to look like a gothic, Egyptian pharaoh. Like any good interview, it ends with him getting booted off of the show for taking the Lord's name in vain, which never failed to make Wally turn red with rage (not exactly a hard thing to do).

Best Wally One-liner: "You are a vile, horrifying creature, I think you are sickening, I want you to go to jail! YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!"

9. Larry Rice ( aka The Sorriest White Rapper You've Ever Heard)

We know it's going to come as a shock to you all, but Wally was not crazy about hip-hop. During one episode of the Hot Seat, he did his damnedest to reinforce the fears of every suburban soccer mom in America by doing a segment on the "Rap Rage." It was here where the host showed some real genius by digging up with the most inept, sweaty buffoon he could find to represent the genre. Not only did so-called MC Larry Rice  lack the ability to spit a quality verse, his flaccid defense of rappers as the voice of the streets was about as lame as Wally holding up a ludicrous article from NewsWeek Magazine about rap music as if it were some kind of authority on the culture. The best is when he pretends to read notes from the article when really, we all know he was just quoting himself.

Best Wally One-liner: I'm gonna tell you why much of this country is enraged with rap, because much of it promotes drugs, murder, bestiality and I say this kind of thing MUST STOP!

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