Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck

Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck
Redondo Beach by Hanna Hooper

Art begets music and music begets art; we're pretty sure that's in the Bible. Musical ability and visual art skills usually coincide, but rarely does someone carry enough talent in both media to be recognized for each art form--unless celebrity is involved.

We'll be the bad guys and say it: some musicians' artwork could spawn a career in the arts and some musicians' artwork is recognized because the person who painted it is famous and an art gallery wants to profit. Not to knock creative expression, but have you ever seen a painting by Paul Stanley? Yikes. Ditto for Ringo Starr's digital artwork and for Courtney Love's And She's Not Even Pretty series (that we discredited after watching her process), which is a shame because she creates great titles (i.g.: "Suicide Fuck Bomber," "I Can't, I Can't, I Didn't, I Didn't," and "Valentine Menstrual").

What makes judging artistic ability difficult is that art is subjective. We might never fully appreciate Kazimir Malevich enough to salivate over a black canvas, but that doesn't stop someone from paying $60 million dollars for one of his works.

While it's true the artist will forever be more famous than his art, we've curated a list of contemporary musicians whose work we'd actually hang on our walls--even had Jane Doe on Etsy painted it in Minnesota, not David Bowie.

10. Dave Matthews

Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck
Monster's Ball, collab by Beezy Bailey and Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews teamed up with fellow South African musician Beezy Bailey to create the artwork above. While it's difficult to find original artwork by Matthews online, we know the man can draw: Matthews illustrated the cover of DMB's last record, he drew a kick-ass illustration on a guitar to raise money for the Jane Goodall Institute, and he'll sometimes draw sketches for fans.

9. Tony Bennett

Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck
Looking Out at the Window at the Ritz Carlton (Naples, FL) by Toni Bennett

Of all of the musicians listed here, Tony Bennett's catalog is the most extensive and we find it charming that he signs his work with his family name, Benedetto. Scenes from Bennett's world travels (like in the painting above) are a reoccurring theme. You can view more of his artwork here.

8. Marilyn Manson

Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck
Lécheuse (French for Bootlicker) by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson coined and trademarked the terms "Celebritarian" and "Celebritarianism" to define his artwork. According to, The concept of Celebritarianism is to "satire of today's civilization that focuses on celebrities [where] the more cameras looking at you, the more power you have in your hands;" fitting, but we'd like Manson's work regardless.

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