Tonight's Hot Pick: Free Leviathan Brothers show at The District Lounge

As of this post, the outcome of tonight's Lakers v. Celtics game has yet to be determined (or has it? Even as we speak, a cadre of bookie oracles gathers in an underground bunker beneath the Las Vegas strip to call the spread), but regardless of the outcome, Leviathan Brother (and committed basketball fan) Sean O'Connell pledges that the band will give their A game during their appearance at Orange's The District Lounge tonight.

The Los Angeles based Leviathan Brothers (consisting of keyboardist O'Connell and percussionist Miles Senzaki) have been playing in LA county and the Inland Empire for over three years now, but they have made few forays behind the Orange Curtain. Performing jazz covers of pop music and a smattering of instrumental originals, the band has been receiving accolades for their exciting and original approach to jazz arrangement. Dave Segal has written about them here and here, but sometimes it takes the persuasive power that only an effusive blog post can provide to prod people into action.

In the interest of full disclosure, it must be stated that O'Connell is a contributor to our Calendar section (selections can be seen here) and an associate of mine, but you don't have to take my potentially biased word for it. Consider the endorsements of L.A. Weekly's Greg Burk, some guy named Craig who has a jazz blog and South Park animator Ryan Quincy, who created a music video for one of the band's originals and is currently working on the cover art for their new album. Check out some of their tracks for yourself at their MySpace page and, for a taste of some of that legendary witty stage banter, read some of O'Connell's extra-curricular musings on the band's blog. Hey, Segal wasn't O'Connell's school chum and he still likes them, so that should count for something.

Whether tonight's show shall be a soothing salve for your wounded Laker loving soul or a joyous celebration of a well-deserved victory, come on out, wear your yellow and purple and be prepared to party. The music's pure swinging trippiness is appropriate for almost any emotional state. Expect plenty of arcane digital samples, "Hey, I recognize that song!" moments and perhaps an animal mask or two as the Leviathan Brothers teach Orange County to love jazz again.

The Leviathan Brothers perform two sets tonight at the District Lounge, 223 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 639-7777; 9 p.m.-12 a.m. Free.

Pictured: Leviathan Brother Sean O'Connell looks on as bandmate Miles Senzaki shrinks a drum kit using only his mind.


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