Tonight: Tumbledown at The Prospector

Tonight: Tumbledown at The Prospector

Want to see what happens when pop punk goes country? Try listening to MxPx front man Mike Herrera in his steady brewing side project Tumbledown. Now I'll be the first to admit that despite the thumping stand up bass, twangy guitar and the tremor of the lap steel, it ain't exactly your typical brand of Hank Williams country. In fact, it still sounds a lot like MxPx.

But hey, there's something to be said for following your gut and committing to a project several years in the making. For Herrara, who's said to have been recording country tacks since the late 90's, this is a grand opportunity to start over in the bar and clubs scene and enjoy the true grit taste of country in it's natural habitat. And on a packed Tuesday night, few places are grittier than The Prospector in Long Beach.

One thing's for sure, curious fans of Herrara's Washington based punk roots will probably turn out en mass, making it yet another crowed night in the isle between the bar and the stage. But if you want a chance to see these guys in a small club setting, tonight is pretty much the only night to do least for a while. For now, check out the band's blue collar tune "Ballad of a Factory Man". Yee-haw!

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