TONIGHT: The Prodigy at the Grove of Anaheim

Sure, it's easy to make jokes about tonight's show at the Grove of Anaheim with UK's the Prodigy--they haven't had a legitimate stateside hit since 1997 or so--but doing so would only expose your musical ignorance. It means you missed out on tracks like "Girls," from 2004's Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned, and their latest record, Invaders Must Die. That one featured the returns of vocalist Keith Flint and DJ Maxim Reality--the 2004 album was just Liam Howlett.

Seeing Prodigy at 2002's Coachella is still one of the coolest live shows I've seen (I won't forget how much we were all tossed around, and one guy who obviously wasn't used to such raucous behavior and kept looking at me disdainfully every time I was pushed into him), so anyone going tonight is doubtlessly in for a treat. Can't make it? We'll have pictures up tomorrow! Everybody wins.


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