The Expanders
The Expanders

TONIGHT: The Expanders at Commonwealth Lounge

Even though most local venues don't host too many old school rock steady or dub groups, we've been shown time and time again that when clubs like Commonwealth slam our ears with island sound, it's usually in the biggest way possible. Or, at least with the biggest groups possible. Enter:

the Expanders


Though their core group contains about five members, this Van Nuys-based bunch is known to, ah, expand, into as many as 11 musicians. Tonight, they bring they combine unadulterated dub, roots reggae and a bag of raw effects and stoned guitar strums, hoping to conjure irie vibes the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton. Featuring members of Hepcat, the band's music also packs their sound with three-part harmonies that capture bits and pieces of legendary acts like the Ethiopians, The Gladiators and Mighty Diamonds. With authenticity and soul at their core, this performance ought to pick you out of whatever Tuesday funk is ailing you. Hey, and if it doesn't, there's always booze. Show starts at 10 p.m. No cover. 21+.

Check out the band below:


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