TONIGHT: The Colourist Release EP and Debut 'Oh Goodbye' Music Video at the Yost

If you're familiar with a little thing in OC Weekly called Locals Only, you've read the bounty of good things we had to say about Orange County band the Colourist and their new EP. But actually hearing the EP--and the band play live!--is absolutely a more enriching experience.

That and more can happen tonight, at their EP release show at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. Not only does the $8 ticket price include a free EP, one of the opening acts (besides Blok, Drums and Color and Free Lions) is "surrealist magician" Loren Zwick (perhaps he prefers "illusionist"). Seems worthwhile right there.

Also, the Colourist are going to be unveiling their music video for the ridiculously catchy "Oh Goodbye," which promises to be a treat. The band has teased the clip thusly: "a preschool full of kids, an angry gorilla, a bar brawl, a nighttime outdoor jam session." Most music videos, even the great ones, only have like, three of those things, tops! Until tonight, pacify yourself with this video the band's made, promoting the gig. 


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