Tonight: Tha Beat Knock II Producer Battle at House of Blues, Anaheim

Normally, words like "hip-hop" and "battle" conjure up mental images of two MCs going toe to toe with some flashy rhymes and well-timed "yo-mama" jokes. But at tonight's Tha Beat Knock II Producer's Battle at the House of Blues in Anaheim, the hype is centered around the gurus behind the sound boards.

Pairing several rounds of homegrown OC producers against each other in a hip-hop sound off, contenders will trade some of their hardest tracks back and fourth in hopes of finding favor with a booze-soaked crowd. Producers battling tonight are 

Science, Optimist, Flatlynerz, Bob Shmiff, Aspect 1, EQ, Ayiro, and A3.

 I know we don't get much action like this in OC, but thanks to local label Acropolis Records, some of OC's best unknown talent is scheduled to surface tonight. 

In addition, the night will be punctuated by several MC performances including I & I, Curious and Deelux, Aliso Black, LD & Ariano and Dana Point rapper Italix, who is also releasing his latest album--Lack of Loves to Blame. Is every artist you see tonight gonna be some amazing world-beating talent? Probably not. But for a county with such a struggling hip-hop scene, events like these oughtta at least inspire the curiosity of those looking for a little beat-banging representation on their home turf. Check out this 3-minute, information-filled promo video below. Tickets tonight are $15. Doors open at 7 p.m.


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