TONIGHT: Riverboat Gamblers at Detroit Bar

Yes, it's not a state secret...Wednesdays are boring. Usually. But then again, there's always room for surprises. Like the whoop-ass Texas-born punk of The Riverboat Gamblers. Passing through California on a west coast stint, this furiously energetic tattooed five piece makes a stop at Detroit Bar, shocker.  Known for their Warped Tour-tested sound of brash, driving guitars, there's few crowds that can manage to stand still during an RBG set.

Actually, if you try to, front man Mike Wiebe (aka "The Rookie Sensation") will probably have something to say about it. With most of their credit built on their out of control live show, these Volcom Recording artists are a conglomerate of everything you love about 90s punk, taken just a little too far. Here's a music video taste of some of their latest work. Straight jackets, football, hookers, Jack Daniels...these guys know how to party.


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