TONIGHT: Restavrant Riles Up the Packard in Long Beach
Courtesy of the band

TONIGHT: Restavrant Riles Up the Packard in Long Beach

If there's one band wild enough to be the soundtrack to your weekend hell raising, you better believe it's Restavrant. Yes, the two man trash fire fury of hillbilly shredders Troy Murrah and Tyler Whiteside isn't just alive and kicking—they're kicking ass. After a brief stint as Snakearm, they've gone back to playing shows under their original moniker, including a massive one tonight inside the Packard in Long Beach, presented by Millworks. As one of downtown's foremost sleeping giant venues, this concrete event space is about to get a rude wakening courtesy of Murrah and Whiteside's mix of punk, slide blues, junkyard drumming and unabashed wickedness.

Though they've been around since the mid 00's, the band seems to be hitting its stride again after some time away and we're predicting a their return to Long Beach will offer more of that hellified hillbilly swagger we know and love.

Armed with empty gas cannisters, old car license plates, various plastic doodads and a slide guitar, a duo born in Victoria, Texas is turning roots music on it's ear (and screaming bloody murder directly into of it). But you've also got to factor in that they literally spend their entire set banging on trash. It makes traditional punk look like child's play.

Tonight's lineup at the Packard also includes sets from electrified backwoods rocker Chief White Lighting and poetic singer songwriter Alyssandra Nighswonger, two solo artists that will no doubt bring plenty of extra energy (and a few extra band members) to help them flesh out their songs. The all ages party starts at 8 p.m.

Check out the videos below for taste of what you're about to get yourself into...

Restavrant, "Concrete"

Chief White Lightning, "Hand Like Yours"

Alyssandra Nighswonger, "If These Coals Ember"


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